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Fabric Restoration is a type of conservation treatment that attempts to bring an aged or damaged textile closer to its original appearance while maintaining its integrity. The process involves examination, treatment, repairs, and preventative care. At Gold Label, Sunny has had extensive years of experience completing a wide range of restorations.

Whether pieces are displayed in museums, for historical societies, or are a part of a private collection, we have seen the effects of oxidation and damages due to latent stains, climate, light, pests, etc. Restorations and the timeline to complete each project are greatly dependent on the condition of the textile, its value, age, size, etc.

Examples of common restorations completed at Gold Label:

  • Vintage Wedding Gowns
  • Christening Gowns (Family Heirlooms)
  • Antique tablecloths, quilts, coverlets, etc.
  • Historical Flags and military memorabilia
  • Tapestries & Asian Textiles
  • Cultural costumes

*Please schedule a consultation appointment for all restorations. Sunny must be present to complete the initial assessment.

**Out-of-state clients should call or email inquiries about shipment procedures to our facility.